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End to End Rewards Solution to cater to all Business Requirements, Now Issue & Manage gift cards with Easy-to-Redeem Rewards

Experience Gift Cards that are Accepted Everywhere with the Power of RuPay

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Reward, Motivate, & Engage Employees with OmniCard Gift Cards

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Curate a Rewards & Recognition Program that works for you!

A range of diverse rewards programs tailored to custom preferences. With widespread acceptance across all payment modes, OmniCard offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility

Empower Your Value Chain

Easily generate personalized gift cards in a matter of seconds for your valued customers, trusted vendors, dedicated suppliers, and all essential members of your value chain network


Performance Based Rewards

Take the opportunity to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements among your employees. Show your appreciation for those who consistently excel in their roles


Celebrate Every Moment

Whether it's an employee's joyous wedding or the festive spirit of Diwali, make it a point to cherish every significant moment that holds importance to you and your organization


Redeem Exclusive Gift Cards at ONDC

Exclusive OmniCard Gift Cards can be used exclusively for ONDC Services for your Employees. Issue & Manage Virtual Gift Cards using our Portal while Users can Redeem Gifts cards instantly, without even needing a mobile app

Use Cards at any ONDC Buyer App

Purchase from any Brand/Product


Your Vision, Your Cards

Issue & Manage Unlimited Gift Cards in Bulk

Design the cards to align perfectly with your brand identity

Versatile & Accepted Everywhere

Users can redeem gift cards at any platform & use them to make payments directly at any merchant


Deliver Exceptional Value

Upgrade your Rewards & Loyalty program with customer-friendly & valuable gift cards


Let Productivity Take Off

Drive employee performance and productivity by linking incentives to measurable goals. Nurture Happier Workplaces


Transform Your R&R Program with Tailored Gift Cards


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