Getting Started

What is OmniCard?

OmniCard is India's first new generation multi-benefit prepaid card linked with an intuitive mobile app enabling seamless digital payments.

Who can use OmniCard?

OmniCard is specially curated for the pre-banked segment of the population from 14 to 24 years of age. At the same time, there is no limitation to use the product for anyone in addition to the mentioned age group. OmniCard can be equally beneficial to anyone seeking an extraordinary payment experience.

Where can I use the OmniCard?

You can use OmniCard for both online and offline payments. OmniCard is accepted across Rupay and Bharat QR network. Use the OmniCard and the app together to get the full payment experience via - Swipe, Tap and QR Code Scan to pay.

For Parents

How is OmniCard useful?

As a parent does these situations sound familiar

1. Children calling at inconvenient times for payment OTPs

2. Worried about where your kid's pocket money is going

3. Hesitant of giving debit/credit card to your child

If so, OmniCard can help you get rid of such worries. Just gift your child an OmniCard and send money to your kids — anytime and anywhere. No trips to the ATM, no cash, no hassle. Set flexible parental controls that are right for your family and get real-time notifications every time your kids spend money.

How to get started?

Getting started with OmniCard is a piece of cake

1. Open an account via the OmniCard app and complete your KYC

2. Create & Activate your child’s card

3. Put yourself in control, send money to your kids

digitally and you decide where and how much they spend

How can I create card for my kid?

You can create a card for your kid from the card management section of app and send them an invite to join.

Can my kid create his/her own card?

For above 18-year-old's, anyone can create their own card. For a kid below 18 years old, they can design their own card but won't be able to use it without your approval and KYC verification from the parent's end.

Can I track where the money is being spent by my kid?

Yes, you can track transactions from all the cards linked with your OmniCard account.

Can I set limit on my kid's card?

Yes, you can set a spending limit for every card individually and change the limits anytime you wish from the app.

How can I add money to my kid's card?

You can add money from the app via commonly used means such as - UPI, Debit card, Net Banking, and more.

For Kids

What are the benefits of using OmniCard?

1. Financial independence: You are no longer dependent on your parents for every transaction. Learn the basics of money management while making trade-off decisions and learn the power of saving.

2. Spend Online: With the OmniCard your payment experience is not limited only to offline payments. With OmniCard, online payments are easier than ever with security at the helm.

3. Financial Literacy: To jump into the world of finances and digital payments you couldn't ask for a better teacher. OmniCard is an all-in-one plan to teach kids the money management and spending fundamentals — with real money, real stocks, and real-life lessons.

4. Goodbye to cash: Out with the old ways, in with the new. With wide acceptance in online & offline payments over Rupay and Bharat QR network, an impressive app and a stylish card is all you will ever need.

5. Rewards that matter: Get rewarded with OMNIs every time you pay, which you can redeem for exclusive offers from the brands you love.

How safe is OmniCard?

We understand your concern for security when it comes to your money. Let us assure you without confusing you with the technical and financial jargon, as a holder of the PPI license granted by RBI, your OmniCard account is not linked with any bank and all your money and personal details are safe with us.

Why do I need OmniCard?

Ask yourself these situations sound familiar

1. Wondering if you have enough cash for a school trip

2. Always hiding the cash in inside wallet pocket for emergencies

3. Asking parents for their card and OTP for online transactions

4. Borrowing money from friends when running short

There are many more unpredictable situations where OmniCard can be helpful for kids who prefer the smarter, faster, and stress-free way of living.

How do I get started?

To get started: -

1. Download the OmniCard app and create your account. Get you parent's permission from their OmniCard account (in case of below 18).

2. Create and order your own unique OmniCard

3. Request or load money.

And you're all set to spend, save, analyze & enjoy all the exclusive offers that comes with OmniCard.

How do I add money to my OmniCard?

You can add money in OmniCard from the app via - UPI, Debit card, Net Banking or request money from your parents and let them do it for you.

Physical Card

Who can order the OmniCard?

Anyone with an OmniCard account orders the physical card from the card management section of the OmniCard app. A minor can order only their own card while an adult can order any card linked to their account.

How do I order a Physical Card?

To order a Physical Card: -

1. Go to Card Management section in app & click the order Physical Card quick action button.

2. Customize your card.

3. Enter the delivery address.

4. Pay for the card or better yet, use the OMNIs to get the card for free.

How can I track my order?

You can track your OmniCard from the Card Management section in the App and wait for the doorbell to ring.

How long does it take for the card to get delivered?

Once you place the card order, it will be delivered to you within 5 days.

How do I activate my physical card?

Click the activate card button from quick action in the Card Management section and scan the QR code at the back of the card to activate the card

Why do I need to set PIN for my OmniCard?

You need the PIN to authorize Bharat QR and Offline card payments at merchants.

What is the price of the OmniCard?

The virtual OmniCard is free for everyone, while the Physical card is priced at ₹200 + delivery. You can also get the physical OmniCard for free using OMNIs.


What if I misplace my Card?

In that case, you can temporarily deactivate your card till you find it in the Card Management section. In case you have lost or damaged your card you must permanently block the card

What happens if I lose my card?

You can permanently block your card from the Card Management section, then a replacement card will be immediately created for you.

Offers & Rewards

What kind of offers are available to me?

You can avail offers from your favorite brands including categories such as - Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Electronics, Health, Apparels and many more. For more information and latest offers check out our in-app rewards section.

What are OMNIs?

OMNIs are in-app reward currency that you can use to unlock amazing offers from your favorite brands.

How can I earn OMNIs?

You can earn OMNIs by making payments and against the actions performed & certain milestones achieved in the app. OMNIs earned may vary with time and type of actions performed. For more details please refer to the in-app rewards section.

The offer code I unlocked does not work?

Please contact customer support or a get a ticket from the Help & Support section and we'll resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The offer code I use has been expired?

Offer codes change from time to time and we encourage you to use them as soon as you unlock them. Please contact our customer support to raise a refund request or obtain a new offer code.