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Your Guide to Safe Payments

Digital payments have made our life much easier. You can pay anywhere and anytime, in just a few clicks. You can shop, pay bills, transfer money and do so much more via multiple payment modes. Though keeping your money safe in this digital and vast environment can be quite a challenge. We must be sure to use credible methods and sources to pay. Following are some basic things you must be careful of while transacting online -

  • Do not entertain unsolicited Calls, SMS, or Emails asking for personal information or any sort of payment/account details
  • Use card cautiously online - Stay alert when using your card online, check before entering your PIN and OTP and make sure the platform is secure.
  • Check before you Click - Pay attention to all links before clicking on them, you may receive them via email, SMS, or other sources. Double check before opening/downloading any form of media or attachment
  • Avoid saving bank details - White saving information on shopping/payment platforms might be convenient it's important to clear all confidential details.
  • Use secure devices - Use secure devices and try to avoid shared/communal devices. You must also keep your device software and applications updated. 
  • Manage your passwords - You must regularly change your PINs and Passwords and note them down for backup. Avoid using personal information and do not use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Never share confidential information - Never share your confidential details with anyone especially in public spaces
  • Monitor all accounts carefully - Keep a close eye on all your payment and finance accounts, make sure to monitor any suspicious activity and security alerts.
  • Use a dedicated email – When you use a separate email address for shopping and payments it helps you track your activity better and in case of any security breach your personal information will not be compromised.
  • Check where you Pay - Check the credibility of the website or the app before logging in and making payments. Avoid downloading apps via unverified sources.
  • Contact support ASAP - Contact respective support immediately in case of suspicion or mishap. Take necessary action in case of loss or misplacement of mobile, inform the concerned authorities as soon as possible.

This is where OmniCard can help you out; Stay safe online and enjoy a convenient payment experience. OmniCard aims to provide a simple and secure payment experience to its users. OmniCard is strongly committed to ensuring that your information is secure. Let us explore how OmniCard follows unmatched security standards and works towards creating a safe space for your money and data.

Block & Deactivate

OmniCard lets you deactivate your card or block your card to ensure the safety of your card and money. When you deactivate your card, you can activate it back and when you block your card the card will be blocked permanently. The Deactivate and Block can be applied in seconds from the application.

PIN Management

OmniCard offers a convenient means to control your PIN via your mobile app. In case you've forgotten your PIN or you just want to update the security settings you can easily change your PIN on the App.

Security Guidelines

OmniCard follows all security and safety guidelines to ensure the highest possible security for our users and their data. OmniCard makes sure to abide by all necessary regulations and takes adequate steps to assure safety.

Best Technology

OmniCard has the best of the Technology and minds to safeguard your data and money. The platform provides you a seamless and secure payment experience. The reliable infrastructure and mechanism try to keep your money safe from all possible threats.

Customer Service

The OmniCard team is available at every step of the user journey. In case you ever face any issues, the Customer Support team is here to guide and assist you. OmniCard offers the best of all measures to provide a stress-free payment experience.

In case you’ve got some more questions, check out our FAQ section or reach out at OmniCard Support .

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