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Why do the Young Love OmniCard?

Hiii you guys! I’m Suman. I just graduated college and I’m a graphic designer. One of the biggest problems I used to face was that all my cards, mobile apps and cash were scattered all over, it was quite messy and difficult to manage. I also wasn’t able to keep track of my expenses and often ended up overspending. I finally found a solution for my money problems when I got an OmniCard. I’ve been using OmniCard for a couple of months now and I really wanted to share my experience with everyone. It’s a pretty easy to use and convenient app. I get a lot of payment methods and can easily track my transactions on the app. Here are some of the main reasons I like OmniCard.

Extra Safe and reliable

I don’t have to worry about my bank details or payment information being compromised with OmniCard. It is directly licensed by RBI and is completely safe. I have been looking for a safe payment mode for a while which I can use freely without exposing my bank accounts and other information. OmniCard comes through with a prepaid card that does exactly that for me. I can also control all my card settings through the OmniCard app like Block or Deactivate Card and manage my PIN. There's also an option to control the settings for swipe and tap transactions individually. I can also set a transaction limit for my card that helps me keep my spending in check.

Can be used to pay at all places

The best part is I can actually use it everywhere, offline and online, you've got the mobile app and the card, together they provide an all-rounded experience. I can use my OmniCard for all my online shopping be it on Amazon, Myntra or Nykaa. I can also make super easy payments for groceries and everyday shopping in a flash with the OmniCard app Scan and Pay option. My favourite way to pay is definitely Tap to Pay because it is so easy and convenient and helps me go on uninterrupted shopping hauls at the mall. So basically, it's all in one convenience.

Helps me keep expenses in check

Let's be honest, we all tend to spend on stuff we don't need. This is something OmniCard has helped me a lot with. Thanks to the monthly analysis on the app, I get to visually see where my money is going which helps me plan my expenses better. Earlier my bills used to be all over the place and now I can see all my transactions on the app. It tells me how much I've spent on each category like travel, grocery, shopping, education etc. This is made easier by the tagging feature you get after each payment.

Makes shopping better

Usually, we only have a limited budget for shopping and we have to fit in all our needs in that budget. OmniCard gets discounts that help me save a lot while getting everything I need. And you can find a couple of free gifts on the app too! Some of my favourite offers were from Myntra,, Amkette, Zoomin, Rapido, 1mg, Juswravel, Sweet truth, Faasos and Ovenstory.

Boredom companion

Whether I am waiting for a cab or need a break from homework I can play fun little games on OmniFun anytime. These games are very entertaining and a great stressbuster; they are a lot of games and they come in many categories so it's a win-win. They have games from all the categories like adventure, strategy, arcade, sports, racing, action, puzzle and logic. I usually play a lot with my friends or basically whenever I am bored.

Makes me look cool

It does feel pretty amazing to have my own card when all my friends are stuck calling their parents for OTP or simply aren't able to spend freely. Not to mention it looks quite stylish! The card designs are - The Stylish Blue, The Cool Blue, The Royal Black. Apart from the cool cards, what’s cooler is how freeing OmniCard is. I feel so empowered and independent using OmniCard with my money. It has helped me develop my money management skills greatly and has turned me into that amazing friend who pays back instantly.

Well I think it’s a cool and useful app and I recommend you try it out too!

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