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Here’s why you shouldn't use your Primary debit card at ATM

For a long time, ATMs have been a trusted go-to source of money in India. But recently ATM Frauds are quite common all over the world. Unfortunately, most of us don't know how it happens or even that it takes place. Let's look into some common ways fraudsters scam people of out their money.

Card Cloning

Scammers might place a card skimming device in the ATM to get hold of your card details. These devices can give complete information and access to fraudsters. Fraudsters can place a skimming device in the card slot of the ATM that can read the information on the magnetic tape of the card as the card goes through the skimming device. Now with the stolen information, the person can create a duplicate card and use it.

Stealing PIN

A PIN can be stolen by placing hidden cameras, coercion or sneaking over the shoulder when a user enters his/her PIN. Once a fraudster has the PIN, they can use other means to get hold of the user card. Many people with criminal intentions hang around ATMs looking for prey to scam them out of their hard-earned money. They may also pretend to be other customers or staff members to gain access to banking information or cards. Some may also attempt to steal the card altogether.

Keypad Jamming

A fraudster can jam or block the keypad or some important keypad buttons (using a pin, blade glue, etc), this makes the user think that the ATM is malfunctioning and leaves the machine. The scammer will then swoop in and unblock the keychain and withdraw the cash. A user must make sure that the transaction has been canceled by the machine before leaving the machine to be used by someone else. Since this activity comes under user negligence, banks will probably not accept liability for the same.

It is important to be vigilant while dealing with money and banking. To Prevent such kinds of fraud here are some basic tips you must keep in mind while using an ATM

  • Change your PIN at frequent intervals
  • Cover ATM/POS keypad while entering the PIN
  • Memorize your PIN. Avoid writing it on your ATM card or anywhere else
  • Avoid using birthdays, anniversary dates or other easy-to-guess numbers as your PIN
  • Do not share your OTP, PIN and card details with anyone
  • Make sure you have no one around you while using an ATM
  • Check the Machine before using it for any suspicious items/activities
  • Do not take help from strangers or give your card to anyone
  • After the transaction ensure that the generic welcome screen is displayed on the screen
  • Do not leave a transaction pending/ incomplete in any case
  • Ensure your mobile number is registered with your bank so that you get immediate alerts
  • In case of any fraud make sure to report to the authorities concerned immediately

Make sure to follow these tips while withdrawing cash at ATMs. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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