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Reasons Why You Need an OmniCard Today!

Today's customer has the option to enjoy multiple payment methods. While traditional payment modes like Cash, Debit, and Credit cards are still in the market, newer and cutting-edge payment modes like prepaid cards have come up to make things more convenient and seamless for us. Prepaid cards give you the option to add money and use the card offering multiple benefits to the end-user.

Digital payments are much faster and safe. They offer convenience, security, and control over your money. OmniCard brings you all this and MORE! OmniCard is your path to Financial Independence. Let’s see how!

Convenience. Security. Rewards.

OmniCard is India's first Prepaid Card for the Young offering the most rewarding, secure, and convenient payment experience. OmniCard is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India offering seamless payment modes and privileges every time you Pay.

OmniCard is your go-to buddy for all your shopping. Be it Pizza or headphones you get exclusive offers on everything on the OmniCard app. You can shop with special discounts from the most popular brands while earning rewards with each transaction. Offline shopping has never been this easier, swipe or tap your card for quick payments and Shop like a Pro!

Offers and Discounts from Popular brands

Hunger pangs? Delicious food and amazing discounts are here to save your day! Explore special discounts on your favorite restaurants and enjoy scrumptious food. Want to go out for dinner? OmniCard has got you covered! Experience quick and secure payments along with relishing the most relatable brand discounts and coupons exclusively on OmniCard.

Enjoy a meal on a budget from your favorite restaurant! Maybe a language you always wanted to learn or a topic that has been gnawing you for weeks. It's time to learn stuff and expand your skillset. Make your stay-at-home productive with online courses. Find exclusive discounts on the OmniCard app and shop without burning a hole in your pockets. Shop online from the brands you love like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart,, FYND, Noise.

You can easily recharge your mobile internet, pay bills for your family in seconds and stay on top of managing family expenses - all from one place. Easily recharge your Netflix to enjoy those 4-hour midnight binges. If you want to go out for a classic movie night out, we've got you covered as well, Pay with OmniCard and enjoy seamless payments in seconds.

Swipe. Scan. Tap and Pay Online.

Stay safe with cashless and contactless transactions, travel with OmniCard for a quick and secure payment experience. Order Medicines or visit the Doctor. Pay online and stay safe. Moreover, get exclusive discounts and earn rewards on each transaction.

Order online or go out shopping for daily essentials, purchase groceries, get super deals and make your payments easier with OmniCard. Pay-on-the-go with quick and secure transactions.

Travel, Shopping, Food, Bill Payments, Recharges, and much more! OmniCard offers the most rewarding, secure, and convenient payment experience to all. OmniCard aims to step up the life of the Young making them financially independent. OmniCard enables You to Pay. Anywhere. Anytime!

  • Swipe to Pay
  • Scan to Pay
  • Tap to Pay
  • Pay online

It offers multiple tools to manage your money and stay in control of your spending. You can set limits, track expenses and analyse your spending behaviour under several categories. Take control of your finances early and develop smart Spending habits!

Get your OmniCard today!

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