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OmniCard - India's 1st Prepaid Card for Young

What is OmniCard?

OmniCard is India's first prepaid card for the young; Licensed by the Reserve Bank of India it offers a multi-benefit card with an innovative mobile app. It offers the most rewarding, secure, and convenient payment experience and aims to step up the lives of Young by making them independent. You enjoy the reliability of a physical card along with an inventive mobile application. OmniCard offers multiple modes of payment while ensuring safety and convenience. Loaded with powerful features and a dynamic experience OmniCard is a must-have for all.

About OmniCard

Cool Designs

OmniCard comes in three super cool card designs: Stylish blue, Cool blue and Royal black. You can choose a card that best matches your style and get your card personalised with your name added on it. Flaunt your card and stay on fleek.

Seamless Payments

OmniCard aims to redefine digital payments and encourage smart spending in the young  generation. With OmniCard you enjoy multiple modes of payment to pay anytime and anywhere.

  • Swipe to Pay: Simply swipe your OmniCard to make payments for your physical purchases.
  • Scan to Pay: Just scan any QR code to pay or transfer funds instantly.
  • Tap to Pay: Tap on the Go for a smart and contactless payment experience.
  • Pay online: Move beyond the restrictions of offline shopping and shop online with secure and seamless payments.

Endless Rewards and Smart Shopping

OmniCard offers its in-app reward currency 'OMNIs'. You earn guaranteed OMNIs with every transaction and you can redeem OMNIs for exclusive discounts and offers by popular brands. With OmniCard you experience shopping like never before. Make the most out of exclusive deals and discounts from the most loved brands. You can enjoy maximum savings and unlimited rewards on OmniCard and curate smart spending habits. It's time to learn how to Shop like a Pro!

Manage your Money

For kids its vital to learn the importance of managing money at an early age, OmniCard enables you to take a smarter approach to money. With the OmniCard app you can track your spending down to every transaction. You can set spending limits and can analyze your monthly expenses divided into categories like shopping, food, travel, health among many. You can also manage all family expenses from one app; set limits, track expenses for all family members. All in one for everyone.

Unmatched Security

Our high security standards and guidelines ensure that your money is safe at all times. We have the best of minds and technology working on Keeping your money and data secure. You can deactivate your OmniCard at any time via the app in case your is lost, stolen, misplaced or just want to take a break. You can activate it anytime and get back to your OmniCard experience. If you need to permanently deactivate your card you can do that as well, as soon as you block your card a new replacement card will be created for you and your balance will be transferred immediately to the destination of your choice. You hold complete control of your money and account activity with freedom to change it as per your wish. Your security is our Priority.

Why OmniCard?

Omnicard offers multiple payment methods, unlimited rewards and exclusive discounts all packed in a power-packed mobile app. While providing children with freedom and control over their money OmniCard makes sure to keep the parents in the loop. Parents can track every transaction, set monthly budget limits, and analyse expenses. Parents get to manage their kid's spending while making sure they don't face any hassle in doing so. Beyond seamless payments, OmniCard aims to provide a holistic experience where we can educate and empower the young for a bright financial future. OmniCard not only encourages children to be financially literate but guides them to a path of financial independence through real-life experience.

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