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Introducing OmniCard Keychain – Premium Contactless Payments On-the-Go

OmniCard is here to make payments as simple, fast and easy for our users as possible. To move towards this goal, we bring you OmniCard Keychain. RuPay On-the-Go in partnership with OmniCard brings you the Premium Payment Experience.

OmniCard Keychain aims to offer you a safe and contactless payment experience; All you need to do to pay is tap your keychain and you’ll be on your way. It is super-fast and seamless, created especially to Pay on the Go. The Keychain is not only convenient but also trendy and in style.

Why OmniCard Keychain?

Just Tap to Pay – One tap and you are done! OmniCard Keychain is unbelievably fast and easy to use. To make a payment using OmniCard Keychain you need to tap your card on a POS machine. For transactions above Rs. 5000 you'll need to enter your PIN as well. This contactless mode of payment ensures safety and efficiency.

In-app Controls - You can control all settings of your Keychain using the OmniCard app. You can permanently Block or temporarily deactivate the Keychain as per your need. You can also Manage PIN via the app. These controls offer secure and tension free payments for everyone.

Analysis & History - All your keychain payment history is accessible on the OmniCard app. OmniCard app offers history for both card and keychain separately for you to have a detailed understanding of your spending. You also get a comprehensive analysis each month of your spending. This will help you be more aware of your expenses and spending patterns which will further help you curate smart spending habits.

Widespread network – Using the OmniCard Keychain you make contactless payments anywhere & everywhere in a flash. From the general store around the corner to the shopping mall you can use your keychain anywhere. The payment Keychain can be tapped across a widespread RuPay contactless-enabled merchants.

Safe and reliable – OmniCard Keychain is completely safe and secure. You can only add money to the payment keychain using your OmniCard resulting in a limited amount of funds with complete control in your Keychain. You also have access to immediate control over your keychain via the OmniCard mobile app, you can block or deactivate your card immediately in case its lost or stolen. You can also change your PIN using the application. OmniCard carries the license of the RBI and the Keychain is offered in partnership with RuPay On-the-Go by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India).

You can use OmniCard Keychain anywhere to make simple and safe payments for all your daily needs, Be it your local kirana store or a shopping mall.

How to get a Keychain though? It's simple, you can order your OmniCard Keychain from the OmniCard app. Tap your Keychain and Pay the Premium Way!

If you don’t have OmniCard, you can get your card within a minute. Download the app now and Step Up the Way You Pay

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