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How to Contact OmniCard Customer Support?

To Reach us Call at 011-42246767 or Email at

Do you have some questions? Don’t worry, we got you covered. OmniCard customer care is here to clear all your questions and doubts.

Where can you reach us?
  • App Support – Support on OmniCard app is available at every step. Simply navigate to “Help & Support” option by clicking on three-lined icon at the top left of OmniCard App Dashboard. Here you will get the option to raise your query by chatting with our support team.
  • Call at 011-42246767 We are just a call away to solve our user’s query. We are available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM and Saturday between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Excluding National Holidays)
  • Email at If you are comfortable with email then do send us an email and we will get back to you within 48 hours with the solution to your problem. Please make sure to share detailed information so that we can come up with an instant solution.
  • In-app Ticket Support – If you have an issue with a transaction just click on ‘Need Help?’ and a ticket will be generated for you instantly.
  • Website – Haven't onboarded on OmniCard app and looking to connect us with your query. Don’t worry, just go to the contact section on the website and fill the form. We will get back to you with a detailed answer.
  • Social Media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube – We are as social media savvy as you are, so don’t hesitate to ping us on any of these channels if you are surfing there and any question pops up in your mind. We will be happy to be social with you and solve your queries.

How do we help our customers?

Clear Communication – We make sure to keep our customers super informed and updated about OmniCard be it about the app features or any change in the same. In case of any customer queries, we always maintain complete transparency and clear communication.

Instant Resolution - We hope that our customers never have to deal with endless calls and no replies. Our priority is to get back to our customers immediately. We work towards a seamless process that ensures that the customer never has to wait for long.

Detailed Information – We try to make sure that our customer is deeply informed about any trouble they face or about OmniCard in general. We make sure to walk customers through every step and procedure to guide them to a hassle free & simple experience with OmniCard

Innovative Solutions – We are dedicated to improving our customer’s experience using high tech methods. We have implemented numerous tech-based solutions to facilitate a smooth customer support experience along with better

Multichannel support – OmniCard is Omnipresent. We service our customers on all possible platforms. Be it app support or social media, website to emails. Reach out to us anywhere and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Nurtured relationships – We believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers. We try to make sure that customers are comfortable and open with sharing their issues. We wish all our customers to have positive customer experiences.

Valuing Everything – However tiny the issue it does not matter, we value our customer’s problems more than anything. We reach out to every customer on every platform for every query they might have, however tiny the problem is.

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