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All you need to know about Prepaid Cards

What is a Prepaid Card?

A prepaid card is a payment card that is loaded with funds before use; basically, you add money to a card and use it. You can add money to the card via multiple online and offline methods. A prepaid card can be used for payments almost everywhere be it online transactions or physical payments. Prepaid cards offer the convenience of instant digital payments and the security of a conventional bank account.

Why do you need a Prepaid card?

A prepaid card offers a simple and easy payment experience, let's see how

  • No cash hassles: A prepaid card ensures seamless and quick transactions saving you from the troubles of cash payments.
  • Security: It offers high security and acts as a reliable payment method. All transactions are digital making them much more secure than cash.
  • Convenient: Prepaid cards are easy to carry and simple to use making them an ideal option for any situation.
  • Budget and limits: Since one can only use the money loaded in the card it makes it easier to set budgets and follow through on them.
  • No bank account required: To own a prepaid card you do not need a Bank account of any sort.
  • Easy to get: Getting a prepaid card is relatively easier than a debit or credit card. A prepaid card doesn't have strict prerequisites like other financial products
  • Privacy: Prepaid card offers privacy to its user so the user can use it freely.

Prepaid cards offer a level of convenience and simplicity that other modes of payment cannot match up to. Prepaid cards are a great tool for people of all ages especially kids who can handle their money easily with limits set by their parents. Prepaid Cards are a great option for the young to start learning about money management. Financial independence and literacy are often overlooked, rather it is essential to ensure that the young generation is financially empowered. OmniCard does that for you - OmniCard is India's first prepaid card specially created for the convenience and needs of the Young. OmniCard not only offers you a cool prepaid card but a dynamic mobile application that offers innovative features to make your payment experiences seamless. With OmniCard you can

  • Use multiple digital modes of payments
  • Track and analyze your expenses
  • Set spending limits
  • Earn unlimited rewards
  • Avail exclusive discounts on popular brands
  • Have complete control over your Card
  • Create cards for family members
  • Manage and track family expenses

OmniCard️ is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India and is India's first omni-channel payment platform. OmniCard aims to step up the lives of our Young by making them financially independent. OmniCard along with offering secure and seamless payments provides a well-rounded spending experience.

You earn OMNIs (OmniCard's in-app currency) with every transaction and you can redeem OMNIs for exclusive discounts and offers by popular brands. With OmniCard you enjoy multiple modes of payment to pay: Swipe to pay, Tap to Pay, Scan to Pay, and Online Payments. OmniCard comes in three cool designs: Stylish blue, Cool blue, and Royal black. The best part is that you can personalise your OmniCard.

You can easily order your physical card from the application and enjoy the unlimited privileges of OmniCard.

Download the OmniCard App today! Available on Play Store and App Store.

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