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25 Internet Safety tips you need to Stay Secure

Everyone in the modern digital environment needs to be aware of internet safety guidelines. It is impossible to overstate how much we rely on the internet. To use everyday apps, advertising, and experiences tailored to our interests, companies are continually collecting and storing our personal information. For social media, online learning, remote employment, and various types of entertainment, the majority of us rely significantly on the internet. The good news is that staying secure online is easy to do. Here are tips you need to have a safe and stress-free experience on the internet.

1. Keep sensitive information private

2. Keep your privacy settings on

3. Practice safe browsing

4. Make sure your internet connection is secure

5. Use a secure VPN connection

6. Be careful what you download/view

7. Choose strong passwords

8. Make online purchases from secure sites

9. Be careful what you share/text or engage with

10. Keep your antivirus program/apps updated

11. Backup your data regularly

12. Use two-factor authentication

13. Avoid unknown/random online links

14. Use trusted devices only

15. Keep software and operating systems up-to-date

16. Review your privacy settings and understand privacy policies

17. Be careful where you click

18. Close accounts that you don’t use

19. Change your passwords regularly

20. Never share your passwords with anyone

21. Don’t let your browser remember your login details

22. Share content on social media thoughtfully

23. Double check before you enter personal information

24. Watch out for financial scams

25. Whenever in doubt, call support

Understanding how to navigate your security online will be an ongoing task as technology develops and changes. To guarantee that you and your entire family stays safely online, just keep these internet safety tips in mind as you go. Gradually include these tips into your daily life and you'll be much more relaxed and safer.

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